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Volatility Definition & Meaning

Most of the time, the stock market is fairly calm, interspersed with briefer periods of above-average market volatility. Stock prices aren’t generally bouncing around constantly—there are long periods of not much excitement, followed by short periods with big moves up or down. These moments skew average volatility higher than it actually would be most days.

5 Best Broker with Forex Trading Tools 2023: Free Tools ️

Trading forex successfully comes down to having a proven edge in the market, the discipline to follow your trading plan and sound risk management strategies. From MT4 and MT5 to its proprietary platforms and three high-calibre social trading platforms—particularly ZuluTrade—AvaTrade is a well-rounded broker. It also adds an options platform into the mix, making it

Understanding Volatility in Crypto: A Comprehensive Guide

Our comparison of daily changes across different types of currencies and assets presents a challenge because different assets trade according to different schedules. Stocks trade on exchanges with daily opening and closing times and close on weekends and certain holidays. Traditional foreign exchange markets stay open around the clock, Monday through Friday, but close on