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MultiMarca International is manufacturing special Beauty, Dental, Surgical and Veterinary Instruments. We are manufacturing beauty and medical tools for last many years and exporting to major countries in all over the world from Sialkot, Pakistan. Our quality Instruments are safe for surgery that we claim with warranty. We cover following major categories like surgical instruments, dental instruments, surgical instruments and all sorts of scissors and forceps. High grade stainless steel and titanium material used in manufacturing of these instruments.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and give them all the professional assistance they might need.

  • Company Policy

    MultiMarca International shall not compromise on quality of the products. We shall achieve quality excellence by using quality assurance programs and techniques. Prompt and dedicated services shall be ensured to customers and efficiently to the best of our ability.

  • Our Commitment

    Our commitment to quality, based on our continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process has placed us at par with international standards, while maintaining very competitive prices. The proper stainless steel, stamping and forged materials used are meticulously selected and go through highly effective quality control.

  • Our staff

    Our employees are technical and practical experience in order to achieve, international standards. We are convinced that a highly qualified staff brings trust in our company. We are tight team, consisting of people, who with their education and experience contribute to our company strength.

  • Members

    We had achieved all the necessary quality standard certifications.

  • 1- Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • 2- Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association of Pakistan, Sialkot.

Our Main Goals

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